2018 National Conference Registration Click Here


This website is a hub for all members of the National Law Enforcement Occupational Safety and Health (LEOSH) Association.

Members of law enforcement organizations can register to attend the annual National LEOSH Association Conference.  This year’s conference is in Halifax, NS and registration includes a $50 individual membership to LEOSH.

If you or your law enforcement organization is not currently a member and you don’t plan on attending the conference this year then your Service can apply for an all inclusive membership.  The all inclusive membership gives anyone from your law enforcement organization access to the members-only section of www.leosh.org.  as well as access to other OS&H professionals across Canada working specifically in the law enforcement community.

This website offers members the opportunity to discuss health and safety related topics in our forum.  If you are not a member, but have any questions, please use our Contact Form.



The National Law Enforcement in Occupational Safety and Health (LEOSH) Association was established in 2005 and formally registered as a non-profit association in 2013.  Its mandate is to promote and support the sharing of information and best occupational health & safety practices among law-enforcement agencies across Canada.  Specifically, its mandate includes:

  • To share information and recommend best practices among law enforcement agencies across Canada on occupational health & safety issues;
  • To recommend policy enhancements in Canadian law enforcement agencies with respect to occupational health & safety;
  • To support legislative changes for the benefit of Canadian law enforcement members in the area of occupational health & safety;
  • Organizing an annual conference for members, held in various locations across Canada, with a focus on current occupational health & safety issues and practices.

National Association Board

The Board of Governors oversees the activities of the Association, as well as provides guidance and oversight to the planning and implementation of the National Conference for Law Enforcement in Occupational Safety & Health.


  • To promote health and safety within the law enforcement community;
  • To collect information on health and safety issues that affect all members and offer it to those who can use it;
  • To facilitate the sharing of information and best practices amongst members of the organization;
  • To create awareness of health & safety issues within the field of law enforcement and determine best practices to deal with those issues in a unified and practical manner;
  • To bring members of the law enforcement community together in an informal setting through an annual conference and other means, to discuss subjects of mutual interest and concern from the occupational health and safety perspective;
  • To be a neutral body whose purpose is to assist with occupational health & safety issues for the common good of all law enforcement members.